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When it comes to applying insect controls, Plant Health Care Solutions utilizes a wide range of products for targeted control. We’re also dedicated to ensuring that the materials we use to treat your property are the safest, most effective controls available in the industry. You can always request a complimentary consultation to discover if there are insect or disease problems on your landscape. If you’ve noticed what looks like an insect problem on your own, the damage that’s been caused is a big help in determining the culprit – even if the pest is nowhere in sight.

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Plant Healthcare Solutions is a science based plant healthcare company that helps trees and shrubs. It is rare that someone who is an ISA Certified Arborist as well as a NJ Certified Tree Expert starts such an entity. Chip Germain has been an Arborist for 25 years. We deliver honest, scientific evaluations and keep costs and pricing in check, so you'll love doing business with us.

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