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Controlling weeds can be as simple as knocking down a finite area in preparation of a future project or eliminating specific invaders over many acres.  No matter the scope, Plant Healthcare Solutions has the appropriate strategy to ensure a sustainable outcome at an affordable rate. Often an area is overrun by invasives.  Invasive plants are species which dominate an environment preventing other long-established species from maintaining their presence in the the ecosystem.  Advantages in growing season, cold tolerance and soil tolerances allow these species to invade and overwhelm the natural community of plants.  

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Typically these species are foreign are suited to outcompete the native species. Native species can become invasive as well due to changes in environment.  Plant Healthcare Solutions is able to maintain natural order through identification of undesirable species and implementation the appropriate control measures.  Eliminating target species and allowing compatible plants to remain ensures maximum control while minimizing the need for subsequent applications.