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Did you acquire an old property or are you planning construction on a home or home addition? Are you having a deck installed? Perhaps you are having underground utilities installed, serviced or replaced? If any of these situations, or the like, apply, your trees and their neighboring trees may require special care and Plant Healthcare Solutions can help. 

Tree preservation encompasses a host of services and is required in many situations but is most common on valuable trees and on selected plants occupying proposed construction areas. Trees about to be in the throes of construction may require special cordoning to prevent aboveground damage, mitigation of traffic patterns, installation of temporary weight displacement materials, irrigation, special pruning, physical and chemical soil analysis, detailed inventorying and most importantly a management plan to facilitate and ensure the above measures are fulfilled at the appropriate interval.  Some trees are so significant to their respective property, that the demand for their longevity warrants advanced care regardless of construction. Certain species require special treatment because of environment or a unique pest. Open-grown species advanced in age, that meet some or all of these qualifications may receive in addition: microinjection macro infusion to ward off insect and vascular disease, major root invigoration to stimulate fine-root development and bracing, cabling to support large defects.
Often creative solutions are required to save trees or to prolong their life if care isn’t taken prior to construction or after a tragedy befalls them.  Precedent for creative solutions can be drawn upon to restore these trees to capture their benefits much longer than their current state would allow. Plant Health Care Solutions can determine if these measures are necessary, reasonable and practical.  
Observing appropriate intervals of mitigation is crucial. Protecting trees is often only successful when a plan is in place and implemented well before construction begins.  A plan might dictate the time of year for beginning certain construction operations. Pruning involved in the preservation plan is also often seasonally dependent.  Should the entirety of the pruning be unrealistic in a single session or season, an appropriate interval will be established.   Aftercare must be executed for an appropriate amount of time depending on the severity of the disturbance.
Plant Healthcare Solutions is willing to provide the preservation plans most basic clearance recommendation to the most intricate long term forest management outline.  Measuring for Champion Tree status is also another routine procedure which is happily provided.


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