Plant Healthcare Solutions

Certified Arborists Caring For Your Trees And Shrubs & Providing Spotted Lanternfly Management

Homeowners often require a consultant to guide their decision making processes with trees.  Whether your concern is for a single tree or the entire landscape, Plant Healthcare Solutions can provide the appropriate advice.  Consulting produces written reports, tree and shrub management plans, tree risk assessments and compatible planting suggestions.  Tree and shrub management plans are beneficial to complex landscapes, large and small, with numerous issues.  All reports start with observing, recording and prioritization of assets in the landscape. Risk assessment is of particular importance in ensuring the safety of people and property.  Plant Healthcare Solutions provides reports as a qualified tree risk 


assessor.  Planting trees appropriate to a site and provided adequate aftercare are a far greater investment due to higher rates of establishment and annual growth.  With expert advice, at an affordable rate, planting suggestions and support can save a property owner thousands.


Medford, NJ